Individual consumption within households

In early 2022, Kantar IBOPE Media launched the Cross Platform View (CPV) audience service designed to measure Linear TV (Broadcast and Pay TV), Video on demand, and Streaming viewership across all devices in Brazil. The service, widely used by the industry, provides a set of unified metrics to analyse and compare audiences across all platforms.  

Cross Platform View is the result of the evolution of the television audience measurement in Brazil. Kantar IBOPE Media introduced in the current panel an additional meter, in the current panel called focal meter, which is installed directly on household routers to measure online video consumption and provide comparable metrics to analyse audiences. 

The graph below reflects the December 2022 TVs and Connected TVs average audience share % in the 15 metropolitan areas measured by Kantar IBOPE Media, excluding the video consumption in other screens (Tablet/Laptop/Smartphone), other tv sets’ usage not related to video consumption, and unidentified content.

Based on the CPV, Total average individual TV viewership across all television homes is composed by linear television (Broadcast and Pay TV) which accounts for 86.8 share % and streaming which accounts for 13.2 Share %. 

Streaming platforms are ranked below broken down between online Video platforms (AVOD/SVOD) with 5.6 share % and Video sharing services with 7.6 share %. The platforms of higher representation in video consumption are Netflix (4.2%), Globo Play (0.54%), and Amazon Prime Video (0.45%) while the Video sharing service YouTube accounts for a 7.6 share %.